When to Plant Your Vegetable Garden in Texas

It always seemed to me like there were a lot of “ifs, ands & buts” when I read about when to plant a vegetable garden in spring. After acquiring more gardening experience, I now think that’s indeed the truth.

Of course it’s best to follow general recommended guidelines (the Texas AgriLife Extension offers an inclusive list for planting by month), but planting in the midst of a seasonal change is always a little risky! The risk can be worth the reward (i.e. extra tomatoes!) especially if you have an extra $10-$20 in your budget to replace the plants should a late freeze hit.

Before you plant make sure to check the 10 day forecast

If you’re planting early be prepared to protect your vegetable plants from windchills below 45 degrees (more about protecting plants next week). Below is a list of what we at Seedlings Gardening are planting for clients and when we plan to put them in the ground (IF the weather forecast is good). Keep in mind that we’re in Central Texas so planting in North Texas, for example, will be a bit different – just note the temperatures.

March 17-21 (high temperatures in the 60-70 range, low temperatures in 40-50 range – we’ll be prepared to protect the first 3 plants)




Late beets and radishes

Lettuces until end of March

March 24-28 (high temperatures in the 60-80 range, low temperatures in the mid 40-upper 50 range)






What vegetables are you planting where you live?

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